Inteligência Artificial Multi-Agent Systems for Persuasive Technologies

Vicente Julián Inglada, Valencia University of Technology, Spain

Javier Palanca, Valencia University of Technology, Spain

Ângelo Costa, Universidade do Minho

Pedro Freitas,Universidade do Minho

19 July 2016

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) applications possess the capability to promote security and comfort for the users, trying to provide an integrated solution that connects several distinct devices to services to form a unique solution. But, current AAL applications suffer from different problems to be directly used to persuade human behaviour, mainly related with the social environment of each individual. Often the target audiences are large and heterogeneous, and include users with wide-ranging goals, needs, and preferences. Thus, persuading the entire audience effectively with a one-size- fits-all persuasive intervention is difficult. One of the most employed technology in order to try to persuade users is recommender systems. In order to overcome these problems, the solution is to create multi-agent systems that implement persuasion technologies, taking into account aspects such as the generation of arguments that support evidences or create arguments that suit the users interests.