Visual Perception For Robot Tasks

Ester Martínez Martín

Robotic Intelligence Laboratory

Universitat Jaume I - Spain

14 May 2012

A long-term goal of Robotics research is that of building robots which behave and even look like human beings. Consequently, Robotics paradigm has recently moved from a specific industrial technology to the consumer, home and service markets. To that end, robotic systems are endowed with rich sensory-motor skills allowing them to autonomously interact with human-populated, everyday environments. Focusing on perception senses, vision is undoubtedly the most important for the information it can provide. So, knowledge about physical objects and scenes can be obtained from a visual input. However, modelling the 3D world from 2D information is still a challenge. For that reason, from the wide variety of issues to be solved, the visual perception of the environment to obtain information about objects and humans in the vicinity is presented. So, in this talk, we will study different visual cues, as well as the way to process them, in order to provide the system with the proper visual stimuli for detecting interest objects within the observed scene.

Poster - Talk