IS LAB Series

Practical Applications with Sensors and Multi-Agent Systems

Gabriel Villarrubia González and Alberto Lopez Barriuso

University of Salamanca

23 March 2018

DI-A1, 11h00


Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is a recent paradigm emerging from Artificial Intelligence (AI), where computers are used as proactive tools, assisting people with their day-to-day activities, making everyone’s lives more comfortable. Another main concern of AmI originates from the human–computer interaction domain and focuses on offering ways to interact with systems in a more natural way by means of user friendly interfaces. This field is evolving quickly, as it can be witnessed by the emerging natural language and gesture-based types of interaction. The inclusion of computational power and communication technologies in everyday objects is growing, and their integration into our environments should be as invisible as possible. In order for AmI to be successful, human interactions with computing power and embedded systems in the surroundings should be smooth and should occur without people actually noticing it. In this sense, this talk is focused to show the projects and the applications in which BISITE research group has been working in the last years.