IS LAB Series

Virtual living labs for testing Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) applications

Juan Pavón

Universidad Complutense Madrid

13 October 2017

DI-A2, 11h30


Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) applications involve the integration of a diversity of physical devices and software components, with rich configurations. An important activity during the development of these applications is their testing. This is usually made in living labs. The cost of this approach is high, there are some scenarios that are hard to test (for instance, a fire or falls), and it is difficult to perform test scenarios in a systematic way. A way to cope with those issues is by using virtual living labs, which can be integrated in the development process life cycle and tools. The presentation will show the use of a virtual living lab, where people are modelled with avatars in a 3D environment, and scenarios are specified with a domain-oriented graphical tool. This is illustrated with examples of how to test an android application to detect falls and how to adapt a home for a person with Parkinson disease to gain more autonomy.