IS LAB Series

DIVAS 4.0: A Framework for the development of situated multi-agent based simulation systems

Mohammad Al-Zinati

Jordan University of Science and Tecnhology

05 June 2017

DI-A2, 11h00


In this talk we present DIVAs 4.0, a framework that supports the development of large-scale agent-based simulation systems where agents are situated in open environments. DIVAs includes high-level abstractions for the definition of agents and open environments, a microkernel for the management of the simulation workflow, domain-specific libraries for the rapid development of simulations, and reusable, extendable components for the control and visualization of simulations. We illustrate the use of DIVAs through the development of a simple simulator where virtual agents are situated in a virtual city.


Dr. Mohammad Al-Zinati is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Computer & Information Technology and the vice director of the Computer and Information Center at Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan. He holds a Ph.D. in software engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas, USA. His research area focuses on multi-agent based simulation frameworks, self-organization in multi-agent systems, and agent-based Intelligent Transportation Systems.