IS Lab Series

IS Lab Series

ISLab Series is a scientific discussion event, organized by the Intelligent Systems Lab, aiming to reach both young and senior researchers in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Systems (IS), emphasizing the discussions on related areas of application of AI/IS and emerging issues.

These ISLab Series events are open to the scientific community and to the public in general.


Serie 1 - Visual Perception For Robot Tasks - Ester Martínez Martín

Serie 2 - Software Agents and Electronic Contracting - Francisco Pacheco Andrade

Serie 3 - Mourinho Tactical Board PRO - Brand IT

Serie 4 - Personality, Emotion and Mood in Agent-Based Group Decision Making - Goreti Marreiros

Serie 5 - Cybercrime: Digital Investigation - Ricardo Costa

Serie 6 - Riscossistemas e tomada de decisão - Manuel Gonçalves & Célia Ferreira

Serie 7 - Location and Orientation in Ubiquitous Computing - Ricardo Anacleto

Serie 8 - Interpersonal Social Networks - Javier Alfonso Céndon

Serie 9 - Contextual Synchronization with Social Big Data - Jason J. Jung

Serie 10 - Fairness, Trust and Security in Online Dispute Resolution - John Zeleznikow

Serie 11 - Inteligência Artificial Simbólica e BDI - Rosa Vicari

Serie 12 - Smart Hill-Climbers: Perspective and Applications - Paulo Moura Oliveira

Serie 12 - Smart Hill-Climbers: Perspective and Applications - Paulo Moura Oliveira

Serie 13 - Técnicas Emergentes de Optimização baseadas na IA para o Suporte á Tomada de Decisão - Ana Madureira

Serie 14 - DIVAS 4.0: A Framework for the development of situated multi-agent based simulation systems - Mohammad Al-Zinati

Serie 15 - Virtual living labs for testing Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) applications - Juan Pavón

Serie 16 - Practical Applications with Sensors and Multi-Agent Systems - Gabriel González and Alberto Barriuso

Serie 17 - Machine Learning on Educational and Social Data with HCI Analysis - Cristian Mihaescu and The Convergence of Foster's Methodology for Parallel Program Development and MDA - Mihai Mocanu

Serie 18 - Moving towards cognitive services applied to autonomous systems and IoT - Dr. Jaime Andres Rincon Arango

Serie 19 - A Computational Argumentation Framework for Decision-Making in Multimorbidity - Tiago Oliveira

Serie 20 - Massive Online Analytics for the Internet of Things - Albert Bifet