IS Lab


The Intelligent Systems research group has the vision that intelligent solutions should focus on being useful to the environment where they are integrated. Thus, Intelligent Systems are seen as a way of promoting innovation and providing solutions, to society and institutions, in real domains. Currently, the group engages in projects of various kinds, from Computational Sustainability to Ambient Intelligence, in which well-being and sustainability are areas that stand out.

We look at AmI as the provision of services in the environment, with a very particular nuance: that these services must be personalized, i.e., tailored to the user’s preferences and needs. In order for this personalization to exist there is thus the need to know the user. To achieve this, we focus on the carrying out of studies to collect data on how people behave in specific scenarios. Moreover, and perhaps more interestingly, we consistently find that the behaviour of people can effectively be used as an interaction medium with technology, i.e., it is possible to develop AmI systems that are sustainable and responsive to people’s behaviours.


Universidade do Minho

Departamento de Informática

Campus of Gualtar

4710 - 057 BRAGA